Friday, 5 November 2010

Stones and Water

A thought crossed my mind as I sat on the train yesterday - one that made me smile out loud!

I can reveal now, loving reader, that the Continuum of Prayer revolves around two physical substances: stone and water.

Let me unpack my hypothesis before you log off ...

   Structured Prayer   ------------->  Water passing through old stone [walls]
(with books, old books)                                 (in churches, old churches)
               |                                                                                     |
               |                                                                                     |
               |                                                                                     |
              \/                                                                                  \/
Spontaneous Prayer ------------->    Pebbles passing through water
      (no books)                                      (shiny pebbles into a bowl of water)

If you have no idea what I am talking about, speak to an Ordinand or a recently ordained person


  1. You missed out the tea light.

  2. For once I'm lost for words. Haven't even the hint of a clue what you're talking about. Will you please offer an idiot's guide?

    Love the cat!

  3. Maybe that WAS the idiot's guide. I'm sure the tea light would make all the difference!



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