Friday, 27 August 2010

Disclosure II

My last 'late-night-so-nobody-reads-it' disclosure was that I am chief among the cloud-adoring nerds of our world.

Tonight it is the turn of real-time strategy games. For years I have loved empire-building games that require some sense of the strategic. I am marginally addicted I think. 

My fix-of-choice at the moment is Tribal Wars, where I am enjoying a considerable success - it is a game where, in essence, the player manipulates time (acquire resources that increase at a constant rate) in the context of a group of like-minded folk (players form tribes, and I 'run' one of the largest). For me it helps me think about real life, but others take it very seriously. My wife and mother worry about me and my mother and sister-in-law worry about my brother, a similar addict. It is free on the Interweb (and slightly enhanced for a small subscription). 

Former games that I have fought and conquered include Settlers (all three), Populous, Age of Empires (and all the other Microsoft Age ofs...), Civilisation and another whose name escapes me. They have featured large over the last ten years or so for me - forget Sonic the Hedgehog, mate!

Why, I hear you ask. Well, each game is dependant on the management of really very complex economic processes, all held in balance with one another. In other words, I get to play God! There, I said it. Last week, on Tribal Wars, I won an award that was awarded for 'killing' the highest number of enemy troops - I think the number was 3.6million of them.

Yes, I am 38 - my wife has said the same thing over and over .... blah blah blah! It's a bloke thing.


  1. I don't think it is sad, really. Apparently it is really cool to be drunk/stoned every weekend which is very escapist in its own way.

  2. And you think you are only marginally addicted. Get some help Rev before it's too late!

    My sympathies to poor Mrs Rev, how does she cope with three kids and no husband?

  3. I don't worry really - better things to worry about, you know how it is - I just marvel at the pastimes of my two sons in a 'small things amusing small minds' kind of way.

    Do we need to launch a virtual appeal for the dependent relatives of the 3.6 million virtual warriors you have bumped off?

    Mother XX



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