Monday, 26 July 2010

Profits of Great Gladness

I recent years I have found myself developing a zeal for the great Planet Earth. I think it is right and good not to choke the old Rock, or poison the bits of it that others need.

This has translated into an happy synthesis with my former Hobby of Choice - profit making. I was very good at making a profit in business, and Profit & Loss Reports were like a battlefield to me. I could save a shekel here and a denarius there, and often save a whole outlet in the end! 

In the rare event that I happen into the Great Corporation of the Golden Arches (normally when they have 'Big Tasties' on the menu), I recieve my fare on its tray, together with my coffee and the sugar that I didn't ask for. When I am finished eating, I dump my rubbish then carefully and dutifully take back the sachet of sugar (or carton of unsolicited sauce) to the counter and hand it back in so that they don't waste it and can re-use it. This is partly born of my profit-makers eyes but also because I think that if a company maintains its profit margin, it might save the planet.

In restaurants, if I have not used something and have left it clean (cutlery etc) I will take it back so that a clean thing isn't needlessly washed up again. In this way I will not throw away a perfectly good sachet of sugar, a carton of manky milk, an unused serviette. Yes, let them make their profit - but in the end, if they arn't disposing of the packaging and not manufacturing the replacement for a perfectly good product, Mother Earth takes one extra little breath!


  1. My cynicism suspects that they wash it up/throw it away anyway - after all it has been touched by a member of the great unwashed - and health and safety has no idea where they have been :)

  2. There is part of me that is still an idealist - and better at least that I do my little bit, though the other bit of wholly undertands what you are saying.

  3. ......and you call me disposaphobic!



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