Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Twitter - cos my friend is WRONG

Reverend Doctor Mother in Christ Fellows offered some reflections on the phenomenon that is Twitter (to read the woman, press here). 

Her offering is virtuous, but just plain old good old wrong. She would tell us that it is like Cyberbucks where you can grab a latte and barf no more than 140 characters to the other regulars. 'Good Morning' she says - I know this 'cos I read it. 'Good morning back' they say - I know this 'cos I read it. Bleh ...

I fear to inform you all that a vile coverup is taking place, and that my mate is pulling the cotta over your be-freckled noses and with a sleight of hand, lets you think that this is warm bonhomy. No mate ...

...we tweet because we are nosey.

There you have it. Twitter is the electronic equivalent of phone tapping. Mrs Pankhurst did not burn her D Cup so that we could sit and eavesdrop, legitimately. My iTouch (the prince of gadgets, I might add) is now the glass tumbler that I put up against the wall of the world's private boudoirs, the grubby key hole, the chintz curtain pulled back but a little. Jimmy Carr and ++John Sentamu alike, I listen and watch. I feel like M.I.Farv. 

What is worse, I then go and pour my giblets onto the Tweetdeck for the watching world to paw over. No longer am I merely nosey but a nosey exhibitionist to boot.

And a lesson to the rest of you, if like popster Hayley Williams you opt to snap your boobs and Tweet the picture, don't be surprised how widely they become distributed in four-fifths of a second. Needless to say, I looked away ... good curate I am.


  1. Well what can I say, just because you have a twisted mind and a nosey disposition, it doesn't mean that the rest of us do :)

    Anyway you are a mere whipper snapper - I am sure I have been on Twitter 25 microseconds longer than you and that makes me a pro.

    Furthermore someone recently wrote this about Twitter:

    "I have learned so much about contemporary communication. Whilst I am fairly savvy, I have learned the significant place that Twitter and Facebook have on days like today. Lies and truth together, they are vehicles that can do so much good too. There was a false rumour being posted by SMS Text that the Mosque had been firebombed - when it was uncovered as a lie, Bp Alan and Fr Shane (my boss and his boss) were able to lurch down to said Mosque and get a pic of them having tea with the Muslim community - and tweet it immediately. It did some good, some real good."

  2. You quote the words of a fool - who would write such piffle?

    Oh yes, me.

    Twisted mind? Nosey disposition?

    The Ministry Division regard that as an entire Criterion for selection!!!



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