Saturday, 19 June 2010

Read All About It

Rather than bore you with the machinations of my poorly mind, I thought that today would be a good opportunity to extol the virtues of those blogs what like I follow:

Bishop Alan's Blog - now, reading this bloke is like opening up an interesting magazine. Always something different, always well written, ludicrously moorish - and so cerebral at times that I feel virtuous just by getting to the end of his page. He is read by half the civilised world (and a quarter of the un-civilised), so follow this man. Do it; now! Ok, read to the end of this first!

Vitrearum's Church Art - if you are interested in church buildings then this geezer is compulsory reading. He is a specialist in his field and an authority most especially in stained-glass; all this and he is barely out of nappies! His blog is a visual presentation moreover, and he will connect you to his many thousands of snaps of the churches of our country.

Lesley's Blog - a wonderful mix of the cerebral, the profane, the bonkers and the serious. Dr Fellows has a keen eye on her world and will engage you in its rich patchwork! She is a scientist turned priest, so you find lots of diagrams (great for pragmatists) - in summary, 'blokish with hints of touchy-feely'. I love it.

Of Course, I Could Be Wrong - I aspire to be this blogger. This blog is compulsory for all Christians, except those who take themselves too seriously. His epic output (often three or four posts a day) reads like a roller-coaster of the serious mixed with the humorous and the challenging. He won't care what you think, but this chap is irony incarnate

Practising the Presence of God - currently this blog is coming from the the pitch-side in South Africa as Karen follows ... now what is it going on at the moment ... oh yes, the World Cup. She hasn't deleted yet despite the England performance, so she shows resilience. Interesting, relevant and a happy occurence in my blog-feed, I warmly commend this.

That will do for now, and as this list is nowehere near exhaustive, I have a post for another day. On a separate note, I would like to commend this miscreant activity to those of you who do not as yet indulge in the blogger's art. You will think that you havce nothing to say - but you are a pair of eyes and a unique view on God's wonderful creation. Have a go and let me know - I will read and comment, often rudely (ain't that right Lesley)


  1. You aspire to be the Mad Priest? I thought the blog was part of the future employment plan. When we had our "finding a job" training we were told that there was at least one priest who wouldn't get a job because of their blog - we weren't told who it was, but comments on OCICBW suggest that he might be finding just that.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lesley - I hope you mean your blog - in case anyone misunderstands :)

  4. Absolutely right, Cloakey. Thanks for the recommendation, I really appreciate it, and I am surprised and heartened to be called 'Blokey' as that is high praise from you.

    Looks like the MadPriest has gone off line. And I second the above, not sure about the wisdom of my blog with respect to employment.

    Buy the way you and Alan are mentioned here

  5. Not doing very well! I meant BY the way and the link is here



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