Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ok, now what ... ?

Great Britain changed mere minutes ago. I have my views and they are not concealed. 

This has been a strange few weeks in Britain. We have had a General Election that has seemed to pass over substance and focus on photogenic qualities. The world is Twittering at a pace, and Blogs drip with this stuff. We are potentially moving away from the most terrible financial climate in generations and it seems to me, at least, that the nation has now had its scalp, its pound of flesh. 

Gordon Brown was never going to win a General Election, not in the third millenium. Gruff elder-statesmen just don't excite the world like they used to, but then again, neither does the Church. Vince Cable wouldn't have won the election or Ken Clark - not appealing to the eye, not slick enough. We have lost a fine stateman today and I dread to think how life for Britain would be this night had we not had Gordon Brown at the helm as Chancellor and then as Prime Minister in this recession. 

Still, all change at Westminster. 

I am fearful, and I am uncertain. I was two years old when we last had a coalition and my wife wasn't even born. Mssrs Clegg and Cameron (the two C's of the ConDem Nation) were little lads themselves. None of us know what to expect now. 

My fear aside, my politics aside, I now have to stand up and be a Christian first. I am called, as are all Christians, to 'embrace change with enthusiasm'. Give me a day or two. In an election where we had losers but no winners, we have to watch and wait, and pray. In the middle of this, I have to believe that God is present. 

If I can believe that, I don't have to be afraid.


  1. Point of information, Mr. Chairman, I don't think Ted Heath & Jeremy Thorpe actually managed to agree on a coalition in 1974 and the resulting mess barely lasted 6 months (this was explained to you at the time - you were obviously not paying attention!).
    However, my reason for writing is to say, stay a bit afraid. This marriage made in somewhere other than Heaven is just about to vote itself five years' worth of unassailable power. However bad, unstable or corrupt it turns out to be, there will not be another chance for us to have our say until the first Thursday in May 2015. Add to that the fact that the Clegg fraternity are in insufficient numbers to moderate the more extreme beliefs of the Cam Clan, then there is still much to fear.

  2. Had my bloody mother had me earlier, I might have had a little grounding in this stuff.
    2015? Lordy, I will be nearly 43, and I doubt I will be capable of voting by then - addled brain, gin soaking, twin attacks etc etc



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