Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Global Warming

It is great to see yet more effects of Global Warming as I peer out of my window this morning. I am no scientist, but I just wonder whether the Good Lord (aka Mother Nature, perhaps) has it all sorted and whether we mere mortals are really capable of frying the planet. I once read that there is a greater weight of ants than humans on this Rock of ours. Perhaps they 'go eco' (to quote CBeebies!)

So, I am imprisoned in my manse, courtesy of Globally warmed snow, which will turn into globally warmed ice. If I step outside, my lungs will be shredded by globally warmed air and my long fingers turn blue and themselves globally warmed. We might step outside later with the girls, and build a Globally Warmed Precipitation Person.

Or maybe we creatures of our God and King put that stinking great big High Pressure just north of Doncaster 'cos we are that capable. No, I am not a scientist. I am cold in a globally warmed world. And I had to tell my girls that Christmas had ended for another year; they cried.

1 comment:

  1. Bizarrely the science does in fact predict colder winters for us as a result of global warming
    We are just living in the wrong part of the world, or for the past few years have been living in the right one!



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