Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Irony

I found myself with a BLT in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other, watching Loose Women on the television. Savour that image, if you really want to ... [for those who may read this in another and distant land, I was not engaged in witnessing the pornographic arts; there is a daytime telly programme that really is called that. The wife watches it, not me]

Then an advert emerged, about fifth bite, which offered the hapless viewer the opportunity to sell their unwanted gold, mismatched or broken jewellery, for CASH, CASH CASH (kerching). These are surely the baubles that people have recieved as gifts from loved ones, items of finery bought for pleasure and with the anticipation of adornment. How quickly some pleasure fade, how easily some memories are eclipsed. Yes, there will be those in our community who will only eat when they had sold on their family heirlooms, and for them I pray earnestly in this present financial climate.

Let us not forget that we are about to celebrate the gift of Gold as given to our Lord as he lay in his manger. With his homeless refugee parents, unmarried and socially outcast by a birth out of wedlock, why do I think that the Blessed Virgin Mary would have sooner have cut off her own nose before selling the Wise Man's gift for CASH CASH CASH.

...just a thought.

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